How to Sell Bitcoin at Step by Step

The Operations Team -

1. Log into your account by clicking 'Log In'

1.1 Enter your email or phone number

1.2 Enter your password

1.3 Check the box "I'm not a robot" 

1.4 And click on 'Login'

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.20.11.png


2. On this page, you can enter the code from SMS or email. Alternatively, if you have bound 2FA, you can input the 2FA code from Google Authenticator application in this process.

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.22.53.png 

3. When accessing the user account page, if you wish to sell cryptocurrency, please click the 'Sell Crypto' button on the right corner of the website. Then, choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell. For example, select 'Bitcoin' as shown in the image.

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.27.51.png


4. Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell, or you can choose to enter the amount in Thai Baht, which will automatically convert to the corresponding amount of Bitcoin. The minimum amount is 50 Baht. The Bitcoin price is subject to real-time changes at that moment.

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.29.57.png


5. Verify the details of the price, rate, Amount, and fees. Then, click the 'Confirm' button (confirm within 10 seconds; if delayed, no worries, there will be a refresh button for price updates due to the constant fluctuations in Bitcoin prices)

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.32.37.png


6. Click the 'Got it' button and proceed to check your transaction history or THB wallet.

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.34.36.png


7.  Click on 'Portfolio' then click on 'Thai Baht'

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.36.16.png

8. The system will take you to the Thai Baht wallet. Then, select the 'Cash out' button at the top right corner of the website.

    Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.37.22.png


9. Choose the bank account you want to receive the transfer into.

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.39.16.png


  10. Please enter the amount you wish to withdraw. There is a withdrawal fee of 20 Baht per transaction. Then, click 'Next'

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.40.36.png

 11. Verify the details to ensure that the information is correct.

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.42.38.png

12. Then, enter the confirmation code. you will receive a confirmation code sent to your registered email and mobile phone by click on 'send code'. And also enter the 2FA code If you have set up 'Two-Factor Authentication'. 

Screenshot 2567-01-17 at 19.44.51.png


Great! If you've entered the confirmation code correctly, just relax and wait. Your transaction will be processed once the Bitcoin transaction is confirmed. You will receive another confirmation email once your transaction is completed.


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