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To use without interruptions, we’re encouraging you to increase your Buy/Sell limits. It will only take a few minutes.
At we have three levels of accounts:
Level 1: When you have verified your email address and your daily buy and sell limit are still 0 THB, you can start using your BTC wallet to transfer or receive funds.

Level 2: After you've finished the Identity Verification and Selfies Verification processes, you can now use the buying/selling functions at limits of 150,000 THB per 24 hours.
See link(s) for further explanation:
ID and Selfie Verification Instructions
Documents for ID Verification
Level 3: Account holders are allowed a maximum of 600,000 THB per 24 hours for buying/selling functions. In order to have this privilege, you need to complete the Address Verification process.
See link(s) for further explanation:
Address Verification Instructions
Documents for Address Verification
Please note our validation process will take up to 3 business days.

Congrats! Now, you've reached the highest limit of the account. Thanks for trusting us here at

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