How to Buy Tickets at THAITICKETMAJOR with Bitcoin Support -


1. You can pay for your tickets with bitcoin.

2. You can pay for your tickets wherever you are, as long as you have an access to the internet, even when you are at home!

Steps to buy Tickets at THAITICKETMAJOR with Bitcoin

1. Place an order for your ticket

1.1 Place a ticket order at the website
1.2. Choose payment method as "Cash Payment and ATM".

1.3 Check your e-mail box.

1.4 Note down the payment details:
     1) The 'Order Number'
     2) Payment Amount 



2. Tell us your payment details (***Please do this step right away after you've placed a ticket order***)

2.1 Log on to our website.
2.2 Go to Cash out page - 'Online Shopping & Ticket' menu and choose 'Thaiticketmajor'.   
2.3 Fill in the payment amount and click 'Next'.
2.4 Fill the 'Order Number', which you've noted down at step 1.4, in the field 'Ref.1/Payment Reference'. The field ‘Ref.2 Invoice/Order No.’ doesn't have to be filled (or can be filled with your mobile phone number).
2.5 Lastly, select your preferred wallet to complete the order.

3. We help you pay for your tickets

3.1 After you have placed an order with us and we received your bitcoin, we will pay for your tickets and send you a confirmation email (This process might take up to 4 hours).
3.2 After we've sent you the confirmation email, you should receive a payment confirmation via email directly from THAITICKETMAJOR. 



- Payment to THAITICKETMAJOR must be completed 5 hours after booking. We only accept tickets which have a payment time frame of more than 4 hours and 30 minutes.   

After you have ordered the ticket, please place an order with us right away, or at most within 4 hours to allow some time for us to process your order.

- Processing time for this order is limited within our regular operating hours 10 am - 6 pm.

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