How to Claim My Payout at mPAY Station? Support -

  1. Just log on to our site and place a sell order by clicking Cash Out
  2. Indicate the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, along with your ID card number and telephone number
  3. After we have received your Bitcoins, we will make the corresponding payment and inform you of the reference number (Ref2). It will be sent via SMS and Email.
  4. You will receive SMS from KBank-mPAY informing the reference number (Ref 1), and the amount number you will receive.
  5. Bring the two reference numbers you have received along with your ID card to any AIS shop location in order to pick up your fund.
  6. Funds must be picked up within 5 days after your request has been finalized. 

For more information, please feel free to reach us at or +66 2 038 5038.  

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