How to Buy Bitcoin with SCB UP2ME? Support -

To buy Bitcoins with SCB UP2ME, you must have the followings:

  • SCB UP2ME mobile application
  • A phone number for registering with SCB UP2ME

Steps to register for "SCB UP2ME"

  • Download the application at App Store or Google play
  • Open SCB UP2ME application and click "เริ่มใช้งาน"
  • Fill in your phone number, and the one-time password sent to you via SMS to verify your phone number
  • Fill in your personal details to complete the registration. 

Steps to buy Bitcoin with SCB UP2ME

  1. Place a buy order on our website by selecting 'Mobile Money Transfer' -> SCB UP2ME menu.
  2. Open the SCB UP2ME application and touch 'Pay' button
  3. Select 'Contact', and then choose the company's contact, 092-252-6161.
    (You have to add our phone number in your phone's contact list beforehand)  
  4. Fill in the amount of money you have to transfer.
  5. Fill in your pin to succeed the transfer
  6. Go to the order that you placed on our website, and then mark it as paid.
  7. You are done. Once we receive the confirmation of your payment, we will send your Bitcoins to your wallet. 

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