How to Buy iflix Voucher Code Support -

iflix is Southeast Asia's leading Internet TV service. As a member, you will have access to a tons of international movies and TV shows.

It's fast and simple!

  1. Visit the Cash Out section at and then select 'Cash Cards'.
  2. Choose ‘iflix voucher code' and click 'Next Step'.
  3. Choose amount: THB 100 and then click 'Next Step'.
  4. Enter the phone number to which you would like your Voucher Code to be sent.
  5. Complete your payment within 60 minutes. Once paid, you will receive the code via both SMS and email within 24 hours.

Note: All Voucher Codes are sent during regular operating hours (10:00 - 18:00)

How to redeem your code

1) Log on to your iflix account at

2) Click on "MENU", which is located in top left corner, and then click "REDEEM VOUCHER"

3) In the box, type in your voucher code.

4) You're done!

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