How to Buy Card Code Support - Card Code will enable you to pay for some of Blizzard games most popular products like Hearthstone card packs, Heroes of the Storm items, World of Warcraft subscription, realm & character transfers and purchase digital versions of Blizzard games like Diablo III and StarCraft II.

This card is applicable for United State of America & South East Asia only

It's fast and simple!

  1. Go to the Cash Out menu -> Cash Cards section.
  2. Choose Card Code and then click 'Next Step'.
  3. Choose from the available prices (THB 195, 390, 780) and then click 'Next Step'.
  4. Enter a phone number to where you would like to receive your Card Code.
  5. Complete your payment within 60 minutes. Once paid, you will receive a code via both SMS and email. Transactions normally occur within 24 hours of regular operating hours (i.e., 10:00 - 18:00).

How to redeem your code:

1) Log on to you account at

2) Click on "Shop", which is located in top left corner.

3) Click at your balance on right hand side and then click at "Add pre-paid card"

4) In the box, type in your Card Code.

5) You're done

Please note these prices below.

Price of the card Amount you get
195 $5
390 $10
780 $20

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