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You can now donate to The Raks Thai Foundation easily with bitcoin!

The Raks Thai Foundation was established as a Thai successor of the CARE International Organization in promoting strong communities and assisting the disadvantaged in society.

Benefits for customers

- You can donate with your bitcoins

- We are a reliable channel for donation, and you will receive the donation receipt directly from The Raks Thai Foundation.


  1. Log in to our website, select Cash Out menu, look for 'Donation' category, choose 'Raks Thai Foundation (มูลนิธิรักษ์ไทย)', and click 'Next Step'
  2. Fill in the amount you want to donate and click 'Next Step'
  3. Fill in the receipt detail i.e. the Donor's name and Donor's address and click 'Complete Payment'.
    This donation is tax-deducible by putting your citizen ID in Donor's Citizen ID box
  4. Check your donation details, select the wallet from which you want to donate and confirm your order.



It might take a while to get your receipt, depending on the amount of donors at the time and the delivery process. The receipt is issued directly by The Raks Thai Foundation.

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact us through or +66 2 038 5038. 

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