What is Bitcoin?

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new type of medium of exchange that is completely virtual. It is designed to enable users to send funds over the Internet without the need of a credit card or bank account. It is based on strong cryptographic principles and has various security measures built into its system. 

The difference between Bitcoin and other currency

Bitcoin will be transferred directly from wallet to wallet through Blockchain system without bank or any financial organization which means the fee of transaction is way lower than any other existing system so it is almost for free. Moreover, transferring Bitcoin with coins.co.th is free! You can use Bitcoin in every country and transfer Bitcoin to anywhere in the world within less than 1 hour. You can transfer Bitcoin through coins.co.th easily by using email or phone number. No one can block your Bitcoin wallet and there's no limit for a Bitcoin transaction!

System that process Bitcoin transaction

The system that processes Bitcoin transactions is called Blockchain. On the Blockchain, your transaction will be processed by people who are called 'miners'. Miners will receive Bitcoin when they process a transaction successfully. Your transactions are processed by many miners continuously for safety reasons. Moreover, every Bitcoin transaction is recorded in public which makes Bitcoin independent, neutral and dextrous.

Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin will be in your digital wallet which can be accessed by computer and mobile phone. You can exchange Bitcoin with many currency such as Dollar, Euro, Baht and many more. At present, coins.co.th provides exchange service for Thai Baht and Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin will change your life in a way you wouldn't expect!

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