What is an Unsolicited Deposit?

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Some deposits are considered as unsolicited which means coins.co.th reserves the right to reject the deposit and associated order.

According to our Terms of Service, a deposit is considered unsolicited when (but not limited to):

1. Making a deposit without a corresponding order on coins.co.th website; check, wire, or other non-cash deposits
2. Depositing an amount that substantially exceeds the order amount
3. Depositing an amount that exceeds any chosen cash-in outlets limit 
4. Placing an order after a deposit has been made; any type of deposit resulting in circumvention of account limits
5. Marking your order as 'paid' that is not done within an hour, which is the prescribed period
6. Making numerous buy or sell orders without payment completion
7. Making a payment using an unverified bank account and/or making a payment using a verified bank account which does not correspond with the selected outlet

According to our Terms of Service:

Coins.co.th reserves the right, at its own discretion, to either process or rejects such deposits and associated orders. Any reversal of funds will require adequate (as determined by Coins.co.th) proof of payment, identification of the payer, and proof of ownership of the originating account (where applicable). Unsolicited deposits into our bank account are subject to a processing fee of up to 200.00 Baht per incidence.

If you have questions, you can reach us at +66 2 038 5038 or support@coins.co.th.

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