3 Simple Tips on Navigating the New Wallet Interface

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3 Simple Tips on Navigating the New Wallet Interface

We’ve just launched a fresh new look for your coins.co.th wallet! With this, we’ve made all your favorite functions a lot easier to find.

Here are three tips to make the most of the new interface:


1) Primary wallet services are now accessible from the top bar. If you want to increase your limits, change account settings, or log-out, you can just click on your email address at the upper-right corner.


2) ‘History’ now combines your wallet activities with your order history for all transactions and you also can download all the transactions out by clicking the arrow. Moreover, you can directly go to order details and the ‘mark as paid’ button by clicking on the recent transaction history.


3) Sending and receiving Bitcoin is now easier than ever. ‘Send Bitcoin’ lets you send Bitcoin directly with your BTC wallet. To receive Bitcoin, you can just click on ‘Wallet Address’ for your BTC wallet address. 

Check out the new interface here.

If you need any assistance, drop us a message at support@coins.co.th We’d be glad to help!

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