How to Verify Bank Account? Support -

1) Log in to your account by clicking 'LOG IN'


 2) On the sign in page, enter your registered email (or phone number) and password, then click "Sign In".



3) You will then be redirected to the main page. Click your email on the top right and click "Limits & Verifications".



4)  For cumulative daily cash-ins and cash-outs up to 150,000 THB, you will need to upgrade your status to level 3. This is done by clicking the "Verify Now" button to complete your Bank Account Verification.



5) The system will bring you to the verification page where you will be required to fill out general information about bank account which is divided into 4 sections; list of the banks, bank account number, bank account holder name and upload bank book.


     5.1) Under 'Please choose your bank' button, please select name of the bank you want to verify.



    5.2) Under 'What is your bank account number?' button, please type your bank account number. Kindly provide only numeric character.Screenshot_032318_105734_AM.jpg


     5.3) Under 'What is the name on this account?' button, please type bank account holder's name, middle name, and last name. Kindly note that your account(s) must be in your own name.



     5.4) Under 'Please upload an image of your bankbook' button, please click on 'Upload Bankbook Image' 


Please note:
- The Bankbook must be in your own name.
- The picture must be clear and readable.
- The file type must be in either JPG or PDF format


6) Once complete, please make sure your image is clearly visible and texts can be easily read. Next, please click "CLICK TO UPLOAD" button.



In case you need to change bankbook image, you can click on 'Change Bankbook Image'. After put information and upload file completely, then click 'Submit'




7) Congrats! You have completed your bank account verification. Please allow up to 3 business days for your verification to be reviewed and approved.


8) You can check your bank account verification status on the "Limits & Verification" page



-  If the button under Bank verification shows as "Under Review", it indicates that your verification(s) has been uploaded successfully and our team is doing their best to process the validation as soon as possible.

   -  If the button under Bank verification shows in "Green" button, it means that your verification(s) have been successfully approved. Your daily Buy and Sell limit will increase to 150,000 THB per day. If you need to disconnect this bank account, you can click on 'Disconnect'

   -  If the button under Bank verification shows "Try again", it means that your verification(s) has been rejected. You can click on this button again to resubmit the new one.You can also check the reason for rejection by checking your e-mail.

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