Why Was My Verification Request Declined?

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Here are some of the possible reasons why your ID/address verification request may have been declined: 

  • The ID/document is not on our list of acceptable IDs/documents.
    For a list of acceptable IDs for ID verification, please click here.
    For a list of acceptable documents for address verification, please click here.
  • The ID/document is invalid. This includes IDs that are already expired, and bills/statements/mail that were issued more than six (6) months ago.
  • The ID/document is unclear or illegible. Photos that are blurry or partially covered/obstructed are not acceptable. 
  • The ID/document is not in English and/or in the Roman alphabet.  If you are a foreign national, kindly submit your passport for ID verification.
  • The upload was not successful. Our system may have encountered an error while uploading, and the file was not properly saved and therefore could not be reviewed by our compliance team.
  • Some of the details you provided in the form is not consistent with the information on your ID/document. 
  • The information/documentation had been previously used to verify another account. We do not allow the use of more than one account per user, and duplicate requests are automatically flagged by our system.

If you found out that someone else has used your information without your consent, please let us know at:

Email: support@coins.co.th
Phone: +66 2 038 5038

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