How to claim my payout through ShopeePay option? Support -

How to download application, register new account and cash out via ShopeePay.

1. You can download the application at App Store or Google Play

2. Register and verify your account with ShopeePay.

  • For more information please click, here

3. Selling Bitcoin and getting paid via ShopeePay:

  • Sign in to your coins account and place sell order by clicking Cash Out and choose ShopeePay under Mobile Money.


  • Indicate Amount in THB (the minimum amount for sell order is 100 THB) and click Next step.


  • Indicate the Phone Number that you registered with ShopeePay and click Complete Payment.

    Noted: The phone number that verified with Coins account and ShopeePay account should be the same number.


  • Complete your payment by selecting your available wallet. Please make sure that your wallet has enough THB or BTC for transaction fee and click Pay.



  • The system will process your order within 90 minutes and you will receive money via ShopeePay. 

For more information, please feel free to reach us at 02 038 5038 or email

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