How to Buy Bitcoin with BluePay Support -

To buy Bitcoins with BluePay, you must have the followings:

  • BluePay mobile application Image result for bluepay app
  • A phone number for registering with BluePay


Steps to register for BluePay

  • You can download the application at App Store or Google play
  • Open Bluepay application and click 'Register'
  • Fill in your phone number and your Verification code.


Steps to buy Bitcoin with BluePay:

1. Place a buy order on our website by selecting 'Mobile Money Transfer' -> BluePay.

2. Enter amount you want to buy

3. Finish order and pay with BluePay


Steps to make payment:

1. Open BluePay application and click 'Wallet'


2. Select 'Transfer'


3. Select 'To BluePay account'


4. Put the phone number which is 063-XXX-4430 and click 'Next'



5. Put the exact amount of order you made and click 'Next'


6. 'Input the password' that you created after Register


7. When your transfer was successful, the order will be shown on this page.


8. Come back to to 'mark your order as paid' and in the confirmation number box, please fill the 'mobile number you registered with BluePay'. Please note that you will need to make payment and mark your order as paid within 60 minutes


For more information, please feel free to reach us at or call us at
+66 2 038 5038.

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