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Here are some quick and easy tips to stay protected:

1) Look closely at a URL before you click 

The oldest trick in the phishing playbook is to dress up URL links to look like the actual service. Take a second look at a link before you click to make sure that it’s the actual URL  and notice if the screens differ from the authentic screens. If you do get in the site, do not enter any information.

2) Enter personal information only on secure sites

HTTPS is a protocol used by most legitimate sites for secure Internet communication. When entering personal details or initiating transactions, make sure you spot a lock icon on the browser’s status bar together with a “https:” URL where the “s” stands for “secure.”  

3) Use unique passwords 

We tend to recycle usernames and passwords across different services by default, and this is what phishing attacks try to exploit. As much as you can, make sure that you’re using a unique password especially for services that contain valuable data or financial information.

4) Enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) on your account

Two-factor authentication (2FA) serves as a second layer of protection for your account. With an extra layer of security, your account becomes a lot harder to hack. To activate 2FA on your account, simply go to your Account Settings and enable this using the Google Authenticator app.

5) Avoid installing untrusted software and browser plugins on your computer

Install and maintain the latest anti-virus, anti-malware software and firewall in your personal/company computers and devices. Run these applications on your computers and devices regularly.

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