How to setup 2FA Support -

We highly recommend all users to bind two-factor authentication on their account. You can do this by logging in and going to your Account Settings page, then following the steps below.


How to enable two-factor authentication on your account: 


Go to your Account Settings page to bind the 2FA. 

Log on to your account. Click your email on the bottom left and select Account Settings 


Screenshot 2566-10-30 at 17.10.44.png


Then click Bind to enable 2FA

Screenshot 2566-10-30 at 17.06.57.png


You will be redirected to a Bind Google 2FA page, on this page you can download and install "Google Authenticator", Please follow the instructions to fill in the information to bind the 2FA.

Screenshot 2566-10-30 at 16.52.51.png

Once you fill in all the information, you can click Complete to Bind the 2FA. And that's it your account is in secure now!


Confused? Send us an email at
we'd be happy to help! 

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