I received an email about a login attempt from an unknown device. What do I do?

Coins.co.th Support -

The login attempt email you received from support@coins.co.th is a security measure to notify you of any login attempts from an unrecognized device in your account.




If the details (namely, the date of the login attempt, IP address, country, and browser/device) shown in the email was a login attempt made by you, you may disregard our message.

However, if you do not recognize any of the login attempt details shown in the email, we highly urge you to:

  1. Safeguard your account immediately by changing your password in your account. Refer to our guide: How Do I Change My Password ?
  2. Email us immediately at support@coins.co.th or message us in the Coins.co.th app using the “Send us a message” feature. Include a screenshot of the login attempt email in your message for our team to review.

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