Understanding Your Wallet History

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Every transaction you make (e.g., pay bills, receive money) gets recorded in your wallet history.

  • Your Recent Transactions show when, how much, and how you received or sent money
  • To see more details, just click a specific transaction. If applicable, you will see the bank account name and number you sent money to or received from, the mobile number you topped-up, and even the specific hour and minute you made the transaction, etc.

You can easily check your wallet history as steps below:

1. Select your wallet that you would like to check the history.

2. Wallet history will be shown as the picture below.

Please note that recently we provide two types of wallet which are BTC wallet and THB wallet. The wallet history will be separated by the transaction on each wallet.


3. You can download wallet history as a file to your device by click download button.

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