Services Available with Support - offers many services to help you quickly, securely, and affordably buy and sell digital currency.

1. Exchange Funds for FREE using Your Thai Baht Wallet

With Thai Baht Wallet, you can exchange your THB balance to any digital currency instantly for FREE. Learn how to use your Thai Baht Wallet, click here.

2. Send Digital Currency Anywhere

You can send and receive any amount of digital currency to and from any other digital currency wallet - anywhere, anytime.  See our support page for step-by-step instructions to transfer your digital currency.  

3. Cash In and Cash Out from Your Digital Currency Wallet Across Thailand , users can cash in and cash out of their account at a variety of locations across Thailand - at most major banks through online banking transfer, over the counter deposit, and cash deposit machine.

CASH IN to your wallet through:

 3.1 ATM Transfer/Online Banking Transfer/ Over the Counter Deposit/Cash Deposit Machine

CASH OUT from your Bitcoin Wallet through:

  3.2 Bank

3.3 Bank Cash Pickup

Note: The fees for each payout option vary. Check our detailed list of fees.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to email us at or call us at +662-038-5038.

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