How Do I Change My Phone Number? Support -

 Please follow the steps below if you wish to change your phone number:

1. After signing in, on the homepage, you will see your name, phone number, or email. At the bottom left of the website, click and select 'Account Settings'.

Screenshot 2567-01-18 at 15.37.22.png

2. Under Account Settings page, click 'Change mobile No.' on the part of Mobile option.

Screenshot 2567-01-18 at 15.39.37.png

3. Enter your phone number in the box without the first 0 i.e. if your phone number is 012-345-6789, enter just 12-345-6789. And click on 'send code' to receive the verification code. Don't forget to click 'Change your mobile number'!

Screenshot 2567-01-18 at 15.41.51.png


*Please note that for security reasons, you won't be able to withdraw any funds for 24 hours after changing your mobile number.

If you have any questions, please reach us at:

Phone: +66 2 038 5038



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