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How to Verify an ID Verification

 1) Log on to your account by clicking 'Sign in'


 2) On the sign in page, enter your email and password, then click "Sign in".


3) You will then be redirected to the main page. Click your email on the top right and click "Limits & Verifications".


4) From the picture below, you will be at level 1, which allows you to trade 0 BTC per 24 hours. To be able to trade bitcoins, you will need to upgrade your status to level 2. This is done by clicking the "Verify Now" button to complete your ID Verification.

5) The system will show the notice that it would take no more than 3 days for company to validate your ID verification


6) Clicking on te continue button system will bring you to the verification page which you will be require to fill down general infomation about yourself

   6.1) General Information such as First Namr, Last Name, Gender, Date of Birth

         after done filling the form proceed by click the button " Next "

   6.2) Source of income such as Occupation, Employer, Position

         after done filling the form proceed by click the button " Next "

   6.3) Your address - Current address information and permanent address information

           after done filling the form proceed by click the button " Next "

6.4) Upload your ID document - We currently only accept passport for non - Thai citizen

     after done uploading proceed by click the " Submit " button

Note: About the ID
- Present the evidence needed for the accepted ID.
- The document must not be expired.
- The picture must be clear.
- The file type must be in either JPG or PDF format.

Please check the IDs that are accepted for verification at: Accepted IDs for verification

 7.) The system will show a window saying that you have complete the ID verification process. Next mission is to complete the Selfie Verification. 

     Proceed to Selfie Verification by click on " Continue to Selfie Verification button "


8) The system will show a notice window on the instruction of a correct way to take a selfie picture. The Keys is to make sure that your ID/Passport and your face is clearly visible inside the picture frame. Click the " Continue " button to proceed.

9) Take a selfie picture of yourself holding your ID/Passport by click on the " Take Selfie " button. Make sure both the ID and your face are clearly visible.

10) After you have done taking a picture then submit by click the " Upload " button or you can re-take the picture by click on the " Re-Take Selfie " Button


11) Congrat ! you have done all the ID and Selfie verification. Please wait while our team is checking your document. The checking duration should not be more than 3 days

12) You can check your verification status on the " Limits and Verification " page

   -  if the button under ID and Selfie verification show as " Under Review " please wait a while our team is doing their best to process the validation as soon as possible.

   -  if the button under ID and Selfie verification show as " Completed " means your verification document have been approved. Your daily Buy and Sell limit will increase to 3 BTC per days. Congrat !

   -  if the button under ID and Selfie verification show as " Try Again " means your verification document have been rejected. You can check the reason of rejection in your e-mail address. To resubmit the verification click on the " Try Again " button.

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